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Company Background: was created in 2002 as an online building management system and is designed for property managers and building owners to manage work orders, vendors, assets, inventory, and tenant communications to resolve problems and schedule maintenance.

Business Challenge:

Design a comprehensive web-based application that can be used by any company, site, vendor, or tenant with appropriate licensing and ease of use.


Andrews Consulting was hired because of their existing relationship as network support engineers for Janico Building Maintenance. Visual Studio.NET was used to develop the site on several dedicated web and database servers hosted at High Road Data's datacenter, complete with Windows 2003, IIS 6, and SQL Server 2005. Network Load Balancing and Distributed File System are used to run multiple web servers for redunancy and load balancing. SQL Server replication is used to offload reporting onto a separate database server. 

Results: is used by many large companies including Douglas Emmett, San Joaquin Hills Tollroads, and Cushman & Wakefield. Visit the home page for detailed sales information.

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