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Janico Building Maintenance

Company Background:

Janico Building Maintenance is a janitorial service and supply company based in Costa Mesa, CA. They had a basic file server, Exchange server, and an accounting package called Winteam that is specialized for the janitorial service industry.

Business Challenge:

Build a web-based add-on to Winteam to manage custom business processes such as commissions, vacancy credits, access codes, and a document management system. Also requested was a payroll export routine to send bi-weekly payroll files to the outsourced payroll company, SOI.


Winteam runs on a SQL Server 2005 database, so a secondary database was created called Teammate and tables were added to hold commissions and other data linked by foreign keys to Winteam users and job data. Since Winteam issues regular updates to their system and database modifications are possible, we never add or modify Winteam's tables, views, or stored procedures. In fact very little data in Winteam is actually modified through Teammate, since most of it is external to Winteam and only linked by job numbers and user ids. Sharepoint is used to hold documents and an iframe is used in the job details window to show the document library filtered by the current job. It works as a basic document management system for attaching documents to individual jobs, and also allows document check-in/check-out.

A small application was written for Accounting to generate a payroll export file based on start and end dates, automatically filling in the current pay period. A single (very long) stored procedure is executed against the Winteam database to pull all of the salary, hourly, overtime, vacation and any other payrol info for active employees and a text file is generated according to SOI's specifications, then uploaded to SOI's web portal. Payroll processing time was shortened to a fraction of what it had been prior to this export tool.


Janico runs their daily operations in Winteam, which is a solid program, and any features that Winteam doesn't have built-in are handled by Teammate. All of the salespeople and account managers enter their commissions, and account managers can update tenant vacancies to provide credits to their clients for empty areas. Any documents such as floor plans, contracts, and photos are managed in Sharepoint. Accounting generates commission reports with just a few clicks, and payroll is streamlined as much as possible.

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